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GK’s onsite hard surface training center was created to both increase our technicians skillsets and also to create a better experience for our customers.  The center features multiple types of floors and surfaces.  Surfaces that our technicians see everyday on the job.  This allows us to train our technicians on-site, and to make sure they are certified in various hard surfaces.  It is our primary focus to ensure that our technicians have all the tools they need to successfully perform their jobs. We believe this training area, along with our re-vamped certification process, sets us apart from the competition.  Due to growth, we are always seeking qualified technicians who are looking to learn a trade and career path.  There is always a demand for this service in the industry.  GK’s provides the training at no cost to potential candidates.  Contact GK’s if you are interested in learning about a long term secure career path!


  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Paid holidays
  • Referral program
  • Company carries Worker’s Compensation for all its employees
  • Company carries Business Insurance is case there is ever an accident
  • Employee of the month gift & parking spot
  • Random breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks throughout the year – over 1,300+ items given out in 2020
  • Company sponsored events throughout the year: Cedar Point, Electric Go Carting, PIB, Indians Game…….
  • Uniforms provided and laundered
  • Free onsite parking
  • Free hot chocolate, tea, coffee and filtered water year round
  • Large referral bonuses for referring family and friends
Staff photo without masks.
Staff photo with masks.


Current programs offered to all Full and Part Time employees:

  • Automatic pay raises during the first year for new hires
  • Large referral bonuses for hiring of friends and family
  • Company carries Worker’s Compensation for all its employees
  • Company carries Business Insurance in case there is ever an accident
  • Best Suggestion – rewards for all suggestions that are implemented at the company

– Reward:  $20.00 gift card to Regal Movies and a $25.00 gift card to Quaker Steak 

  • Praise Prizes – tickets are awarded to all employees who do a great job

– Tickets can be redeemed for various prizes from a glass case in the main office

  • Random lunches, dinners and snacks throughout the year
  • Keurig coffee station

– Free coffee, hot chocolate and tea year round

  • Employee of the Month Board

– Winner receives $20.00 cash bonus, $20.00 gift certificate to a restaurant and their name on the plaque in the office

  • Company sponsored events throughout the year:

– Indians Game, Cedar Point, Electric Go Carting, etc…

– Summer barbeque for the entire family

– Holiday party for the entire family

– After hour socials with drinks and food 

  • GK’s recognizes all new hires with an announcement and donuts
  • Uniforms are provided and laundered daily at no cost
  • Purified water machine for all employees
  • Cross division hiring
  • Internal promotions within the company to heads and/or managers
  • Early Release Paycheck program

– Receive your paycheck on Friday instead of Monday by meeting attendance requirements

  • Pay Advance program

– Receive a pay advance if you are short on money 

  • Free on-site parking
  • Company sponsored fitness program.  GK’s pays 50% of your Planet Fitness Membership

In addition to the above, Full Time employees are offered:

  • Healthcare & Dental Benefits
  • Six paid holidays each year
  • Overtime hours available (Paid at 1.5 times your hourly rate)
  • Reward program for Hard Surface Division:

– Includes items such as:  Paid Time Off, gift cards, night out on the town and much more

We Work Hard … And We Play Hard!
If you are a hard-working, detail-oriented person who is willing to learn, we may be looking for you!


GK’s was founded on the principles of great service, quality workmanship and a knowledgeable staff. To this day, these three principles contribute to the continued success of GK’s and also to the number of satisfied customers. We have a long list of references for both residential and commercial customers. In a field that is changing so rapidly, GK’s believes that the continued education of their employees on new procedures and techniques, as well as educating their customers, is vital.

  • We are a company with a can do attitude!
  • We are a company where hard work pays off!
  • We are a company where we make the right choice for every customer!
  • We are a company where people are accountable for their actions!
  • We are a company that will treat you with respect!
  • We are a company that has a positive atmosphere!

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