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Maura Krysa
Maura Krysa
Front Office Manager

Most people know Maura because she does a great job taking care of all our customers! Maura runs our front office and handles all detailing appointments (except watercraft) and storage scheduling. If you have a question about auto, motorcycle or RV detailing or storage, she is the one to talk with.

Henry Meadows
Director of Hard Surface Division

Henry is the Director of GK’s Hard Surface Division. Henry is the main contact when it comes to our Hard Surface Division (residential and commercial). If you have a question or need an appointment he is the person to contact.

Joey Martinez staff photo.
Joey Martinez
Hard Surface Field Operations Manager

Joey manages the daily in field operations of our hard surface division. He is in charge of making sure all our employees have what they need at all times so every one of our jobs runs as smooth as possible for both our customers and our employees.

Elliott Miller
Elliott Miller
Storage / Transport Manager

Elliott manages the daily operations of our storage and transport division. Elliott is here every day to satisfy the requests and desires of our storage and transport customers.

Richard Sellers staff photo.
Richard Sellers
Detailing Supervisor

Rich can typically be found behind-the-scenes ensuring that your detail meets all of your expectations and more. He oversees and inspects each detail to make sure that everything is perfect!

Watercraft Manager
Watercraft Manager

The Watercraft Manager handles the daily operations for all watercraft related activities. This includes both boats and jet skis. This encompasses: additional services, repairs, estimates, detailing work and/or parts. The Watercraft Manager provides estimates for the repair work, coordinates services work and then meets with our customers.

Scott Foss
Scott Foss
Facility/Equipment Manager

Scott keeps GK’s up and running every day! His job responsibilities are vast. He works a lot behind the scenes.

Dan Maddock staff photo.
Dan Maddock
Facility/Equipment Assistant

Dan works in our Facility/Equipment Management team. He helps keep GK’s up and running everyday.

Kevin Evans staff photo.
Kevin Evans
GK’s Vehicle Maintenance Manager

Kevin keeps GK’s fleet of trucks, vehicles and trailers all looking good. Kevin also maintains all laundry at our facility, which is a never ending important job.

Mark Hooley staff photo.
Mark Hooley
Special Project Manager

Mark is a man of many talents! Mark’s background is in boats, but he is truly a craftsman in so many areas.

Janine Finucane staff photo.
Janine Finucane
Accounting Manager

Janine is our accounting manager. Janine works a lot of her time behind the scenes.

Office Manager

The Office Manager at GK's is in charge of many behind the scenes jobs, primarily focusing on human resources for GK's.

Grant Alexander
President and Founder

Grant is the President and founder of GK’s Custom Polishing, Inc. He oversees all operations of the company to ensure the highest level of quality for our customers.

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