Full-Service Car Detailing


Our professional auto detailing services offer a value second to none. Whether it’s the amount of time we spend on each detail or the overall level quality, we are simply best in class when it comes to automotive care.


GK’s operates a fully operational, year-round car detailing division on the west side of Cleveland. We have been detailing cars, watercrafts, motorcycles and RVs since 1994 and know the value that you place on them. We have the equipment and knowledge to tackle any detailing project. Do you need help restoring your car to a “show room” level of quality? Do you want to make your automobile look as good as possible before selling it in order to get the best value? Need help getting your boat in top shape before returning to the water? Our interior and exterior detailing services will leave your vehicles looking brand new. We even offer one of our loaner vehicles free of charge!


  • Door, trunk and hood jambs are degreased
  • Wheel wells are cleaned of debris
  • Tires and wheels are cleaned
  • Car is hand washed with pH balanced, non-abrasive car soap
  • Bugs, tar and tree sap are removed
  • Any and all rail dust/industrial fallout is remove (no additional charge)
  • Car is chamois dried to prevent scratching
  • Oxidation and airborne fallout (clay bar) is removed from paint (no additional charge)
  • Paint is machine polished to fix most imperfections (1-3 stages depending) (no additional charge)
  • A glaze is applied to painted surfaces to restore luster, depth and remove surface swirls and minor scratches
  • Carnauba wax (Grade No. 1) is applied and hand buffed to perfection
  • Tire pressures are checked and adjusted
  • Chrome is cleaned and polished
  • Wheels are polished and protected (depending on type)
  • Tires are dressed
  • Wheel wells are blackened
  • All plastic is cleaned and protected (includes plastic convertible windows)
  • Exterior rubber trim is dressed
  • Windows and side view mirrors are cleaned
  • Interior and trunk are vacuumed (includes floor mats) (pet hair removal is an additional $60)
  • Carpets and interior upholstery are steam cleaned and extracted (includes floor mats)
  • Rubber seals inside doors are cleaned
  • Headliner and sun visor are delicately cleaned
  • Dash, console, door panels, vents and seatbelt buckles are cleaned and dressed
  • Windows and vanity mirrors are cleaned with a fog-free cleaner
  • All plastic and wood surfaces are treated

*Pet hair removal is an additional $60.00

Pricing (Full Details) (plus sales tax)
2 Door Vehicles $345
4 Door Vehicles & Small Trucks $350
Full Sized Cars, Regular SUVs & Mid-Sized Trucks $360
Mid-Sized SUVs & Full Sized Trucks $370
Minivans & Extra Large Trucks $395
Full-Sized SUVs & Vans $415
Pricing (Interior or Exterior) (plus sales tax)
2 Door Vehicles $215
4 Door Vehicles & Small Trucks $230
Full Sized Cars, Regular SUVs & Mid-Sized Trucks $240
Mid-Sized SUVs & Full Sized Trucks $250
Minivans & Extra Large Trucks $255
Full-Sized SUVs & Vans $260

Leather Cleaning & Conditioning: $49.95
The leather is lightly scrubbed with a mild leather cleaner and then a leather conditioner is applied to preserve its longevity. Includes all leather in the vehicle.

Engine Degreasing & Dressing – $49.95
The engine and underside of the hood is thoroughly degreased with brushes. A protectant is applied to all plastic hoses.

Paint Touch-up for Chips & Scratches – $110
GK’s will obtain touch-up paint for your vehicle and our technicians will touch-up all chips and deep scratches on the painted surfaces of your vehicle.

Paintless Dent & Ding Removal – starting at $85/dent
Removal of minor dents and dings from body of the vehicle.

Cleaning Inside of Rims – $180
All 4 rims are removed and all grime, tar and dirt are removed.

Ozone Treatment – $110
Odor and Smoke Removal

Pet Hair Removal: $60.00
All pet hair throughout the inside of the vehicle will be removed. This service is only available when purchased with an Interior or Full Detail.

Scotch Guard $30 – $60

Glass Chip Repair – $95/Chip

Removal of Window Overspray – priced per vehicle

Aerospace Protectant for canvas convertible tops – $70

Teflon Paint Sealant – $60

Clear Plastic Protection: for the front of your vehicle – starts at $350
Clear polyurethane film which helps protect your vehicle against abrasions, bug damage, sand and stone chips and minimizes other potential finish damage.

Cloth & Leather Tears and Hole Repair – starting at $75/area
Burn holes and small tears are repaired in cloth and leather interiors.

Repainting of Bumpers – starting at $195/area
Bumpers, small dings and minor scratches/scuffs are sanded, primed and refinished.

Headlight Restoration – $60 per headlight
For headlights that are yellow, cloudy and/or discolored. Headlights are refinished back to a clear & polished look!

Removal of Bodily Fluids – $60
Bodily fluids in vehicle will be removed (i.e.: blood, vomit, urine, etc.).  Extra precautions, equipment and supplies are needed. 


GK's Custom Polighing Loaner Car

No Charge for Pick-up and Drop-off of Vehicles!
FREE Loaner Vehicles!
(limited Northeast Ohio service area, available on full details)


The answer to this question is emphatically YES. Here’s why – cleaning, waxing and polishing serves your vehicle, watercraft, motorcycle or RV in many ways:

  • When comparison shopping, make sure you look at what is really included in the price:
    • Are there any add-ons?
    • How long do they spend on your car?
  • Increases the resale value (more $ in your pocket) – Kelly Blue Book
  • Much easier to resell your car
  • Reduces rust corrosion significantly
  • Increases the life or your car or boat’s finish by providing protection against outdoor elements, such as acid rain, sun, fallout, paint chips, water spots, oxidation, rust, salt and the list goes on…
  • Decreases costs at end of lease or sale
  • Makes a good impression with clients
  • Is your satisfaction guaranteed elsewhere?

GK’s Custom Polishing, Inc. employs a full-time detailing manager that inspects every item that leaves our facility and makes sure it is perfect. If you have any questions about car detailing, feel free to speak with him.


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