Tile and Grout Cleaning


GK’s Custom Polishing, Inc. is an expert in tile and grout cleaning. Our highly-trained technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and a revolutionary process to safely and gently restore the clean, crisp, natural beauty of tile and grout. Grout is a porous material that absorbs dirt and grime immediately after installation and will continue to do so as the floor ages. Over time, the grout can become uneven and cause the entire floor to look dirty and old.

Some people ask why they should have us power-clean their tile and grout when they can just mop it. Mopping alone cannot achieve the kind of results we can. In fact, when you mop, often it will make the grout more unsightly. You may get the tile surface clean but the dirt on the mop settles into the porous grout, actually making it worse. With our special equipment, we can focus on the grout for a deep-down, powerful cleaning and actually pull the dirt and debris out of the tile and grout lines.

This revolutionary grout and tile cleaning process is an effective way to restore old and worn tile floors back to new condition. Grout cleaning is a more cost-effective alternative to replacement or resurfacing of an existing tile floor. GK’s Custom Polishing, Inc. employs an expert team of stone technicians, several of which have been with the company for 5+ years.


GK’s Custom Polishing Tile and Grout Cleaning



If deep cleaning just isn’t enough for your stained grout, GK’s can also apply an Epoxy Grout Color Seal over those dingy grout lines.

  • You pick the color – We can match your original grout color or let you pick from a wide selection of new colors to give your floor a refreshing change.
  • Sealing protects your grout  – It creates a barrier from the dirt, germs and grime that normally settle deep into untreated grout. Epoxy grout color seal will protect your grout making it non-porous, less likely to stain, more sanitary and easier to clean.
  • Grout sealing lasts  – The look of the treated grout will last for years! This will leave you with a gorgeous, natural looking floor time and time again.

Epoxy grout color seal is an epoxy stain and sealer for renewing or changing the color of cementious grout. Formulated with fade-resistant pigments, Epoxy grout color seal protects the grout against stains while it beautifully enhances. Grout seal is available in 48 colors that will complement any tile or stone installation.

GK’s expert technicians will use the precise tools and methods to give you impressive results the first time, every time!

Epoxy Grout Color


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