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$13.00 to $14.00/hour with automatic pay increases

  • Automatic pay increases every 3 months for the first year
  • Paid Holidays after 90 days
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) after 1 year
  • Hours range from 35 — 50 per week (paid overtime hours available)
  • This is a year round operation (we do not layoff in the winter months)
  • No experience necessary.  Training program offered.
  • Healthcare and dental programs.
  • Valid driver license necessary

JOB DESCRIPTION (Boat Detailers)

  • This job is manual labor.
  • There are times during your job that you will need to operate a hand machine.  This hand machine is used to polish boats.  This requires that you are comfortable on your knees.  We do have a full line of knee pads to utilize if so desired.  If you have had problems with your knees in the past, then this is probably not the job for you.
  • These tasks are not difficult, but need to be completed at a very high level of quality.  GK’s reputation has been built on the quality of work performed for customers.  There are no excuses for poor or unsatisfactory workmanship.  Employees need to be responsible, reliable, and attentive to a high level of work quality.
  • If being outside in the sun is a problem – then this job is probably not for you.
  • Most days you will leave the building at 7am in teams of 2 and travel (up to 1 hour each way) to a marina located on the coast of Lake Erie with all your boat detailing supplies.  Once at the marina, you will detail a boat (clean, polish and wax) and then return to the shop at the end of the day.  Boat detailing work is usually done outside during the spring, summer and fall and then inside during the winter.  Boat detailing work usually ends when the boat is completed, which means that in many cases jobs will be completed after 5pm.
  • Boat detailing regularly requires employees to work on ladders and scaffolding to detail the hull and topsides of a boat.  This work requires employees to sometimes be on a ladder and/or scaffolding.  Employee must feel comfortable at working up to 20 feet on one of the above items.
  • On a daily basis the detailing shop will need to be cleaned, products re-filled, wash done and other miscellaneous duties.  These duties are part of your job description.
  • There will be days when you will not be scheduled to detail a boat.  On those days you will be working in the Detailing Department, detailing an automobile, RV, jet ski, etc…
  • GK’s owns and operates storage facilities which are maintained year round.  During the months of:  April, May, October and November – GK’s Custom Polishing, Inc.’s storage facilities are the busiest.  As part of the Detailing job description; there will be times when you will be called upon to work within our Storage Division.  During these months, GK’s will accept and release many storage items causing the Storage Manager to need additional help with the pulling and putting away of the above items.  In addition, the Storage Manager needs help prepping many of these items for release during April and May.   While working in the Storage Division, you will be at your hourly rate – no Travel Time.
  • 7am – 5:00pm (July 1 – September 30) (December 1 – March 31) – Very few Saturdays, if so – 7:00am – 1:00pm
  • 7am – 5:30pm (October 1 – November 30) (April 1 – June 30) – Some Saturdays – 7:00am – 2:00pm
  • There will be some evenings during April 1 – July 3 that can be later.
  • A 1-hour unpaid break is given each day for lunch.
  • Hours per week range between 35 and 50.
  • $13.00 an hour with automatic pay increases every three months during the first year, as long as attendance and punctuality requirements are met.
  • Opportunities for advancement and cross division hiring
  • Company sponsored events throughout the year (Put-in-Bay, Bowling, Summer BBQ)

For any of the positions listed, please fill out our online application using the link below. We also accept in person applications Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:00pm. If you would like to include your resume with your online application, please email resume to:

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