We have all had it happen to us: we walk outside to get into our car and we find a lovely little present left on your car. Many of us do not realize that bird dropping can actually be very damaging to your paint and clear coat. Along with being unpleasant to look at, bird droppings can actually cause etching and will eat away at your clear coat if not quickly cleaned.

Since birds do not have bladders, all of their waste is mixed together in an organ called the cloaca. Solid waste from their kidneys is mixed together with highly concentrated uric acid. Bird excrement tends to have a pH level of 3-4.5 which can make it highly acidic. This is why bird droppings tend to break down any surface they come into contain with. When metal is heated and cooled, its molecules will expand and retract. As the sun rises and sets, the body of your car will go through a heating and cooling cycle. If bird droppings are not immediately cleaned, this expansion and contraction cycle will let this uric acid slowly etch into your clear coat and base paint layer.

Cleaning bird excrement as soon as possible is important if you want to prevent damage to your paint. Keep a small bottle of detailing spray and micro fiber cloth in your car at all times so you will always be prepared. Waxing your car or using a topical auto sealer helps to protect your car from etching caused by bird droppings.

Two types of etching commonly occur in cars: Topical Etching and Wrinkle Etching. Topical etching are dull spots on your clear coat similar to water spots. These spots can typically be remedied by buffing. Wrinkle etching occurs when acid penetrates your clear coat and starts eating away at your top paint layer. When this happens, the spot usually requires repainting. After etching has occurred, it is usually best to take your car to a professional detailing. At GK’s Custom Polishing, Inc. we offer comprehensive full details in the Greater Cleveland area that will keep your car looking brand new. Give us a call at (440) 937-4457 to set up your next detail.