If you have a concrete driveway or garage floor, you may have encountered spalling in your concrete. But what exactly is spalling? Spalling is when the surface layer of your concrete becomes rough chipping, flaking or pitting. Your once smooth concrete can become deteriorated without the proper care. But what causes spalling and how can it be prevented?

There are several factors that can cause deterioration of your concrete. Lack of a proper sealer leaves your surfaces vulnerable to weather damage and erosion. The Cleveland climate in particular can be very rough on your concrete in the winter months. Improper use of de-icers such as road salt can erode away your concrete if it is not properly protected.  For more information about which de-icers are safe for your concrete, visit Slippery Rock Gazette.

Along with salt, moisture itself can also be a cause for spalling in concrete. The freeze/thaw cycle that occurs in the winter months can be damaging to your concrete surfaces. Since concrete is a porous material, water will be absorbed by it. When water freezes and expands, it can cause cracking or spalling.

In order to prevent spalling, using a sealer is very important. We offer several different types of concrete finishes that will help protect your concrete. We also offer grinding and honing which can help fix any spalling in your concrete if there hasn’t been too much damage. Also, make sure you rinse off your garage floor once per month during the winter to get off the salt residue on the surface.  If the salt sits on the concrete all winter long, it gets re-activated and continues to eat away at the concrete every time the surface gets wet again.

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