Many of our customers often ask us why we place cushions under their tires when we are storing their vehicle. When your car is sitting for an extended period of time without use and the weight of the car presses down on the tires without a proper buffer, it can cause a condition called Flat-Spotting.

Flat-Spotting is a common condition in cars that are improperly stored where the weight of the car causes the tires to flatten. This flattening of the tires causes a disturbance for the first few miles you drive it. While this is normally temporary, it is possible that this can cause permanent damage to your tires. But why does this occur? As tires roll, they are constantly going from a relaxed state to a loaded state due to the heat caused by friction. Tires tend to have a “memory” so they will remember the position they were parked in as the tires begin to cool. This is especially true in the winter months when the cold air causes rubber to become stiff. No wonder flat-spotting is such a big problem, because winter is usually when people store their cars!

So how can flat-spotting be prevented? While there is no way to completely avoid flat-spotting, putting cushions under your tires while they are in storage can help prevent it from occurring. Blocks are another alternative to cushions, because they completely takes the weight of the car off of the tires. The Race Ramps Blog has a great article that discusses some of the myths about flat-spotting and how it can effect your car.

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