Since we added Boat and Jet Ski detailing to our list of services in 1996, GK’s Custom Polishing, Inc. has become Cleveland’s headquarters for boat detailing & care. Many of our customers often ask us what steps go into our comprehensive boat detail. Unlike our premium auto details where the steps are relatively uniform from car to car, boats can be tricky due to the variation of surfaces on different boats. Each type of surface (fiberglass smooth, fiberglass non-skid, stainless steel, vinyl upholstery, isinglass, bottom paint and teak wood) requires a specific work scope to refinish appropriately.  We have listed below the most common surfaces we encounter on boats and the type of work we can perform on each surface to restore them to new.

Fiberglass Smooth:  We perform up to 3 stages of machine buffing (with compounds) to remove oxidation on the surface. After the oxidation is removed, we apply a Carnauba Wax (Grade No. 1) to the fiberglass for protection.

Fiberglass Non-skid:  All non-skid is treated with a deep cleaning detergent to remove all surface contaminants and dirt

Stainless Steel:  All stainless steel rails and surfaces are cleaned and polished to remove any surface oxidation and light scratches on the surface

Vinyl Upholstery:  Vinyl seats are deep cleaned with a commercial grade upholstery shampoo.  A protectant is then applied to the seats to prevent damage from UV Rays and spills.

Isinglass:  Isinglass is treated with a detergent to remove any surface contaminants.  Isinglass is then polished to remove any light scratches and wear on the surface.

Carpets:  All carpets (topside or cabin areas) are shampooed and cleaned used a heated extraction system.

Bottom Paint:  We perform two different work scopes for bottom painted boats.  The less invasive method for maintenance includes lightly sanding the bottom painted surface, followed by the application of 1 coat of bottom paint.  Our more thorough bottom painting package includes fully sanding the bottom down to the gel coat, applying an epoxy barrier coat to the surface (Interlux Protect 2000E), followed by two coats of bottom paint.

Teak Wood:  Teak wood can be finished with an application of teak oil or with coats of clear varnish.  The prep work for refinishing teak usually consists of removing the teak items, sanding them to remove any old coatings or contaminants, cleaning the teak with a cleaner and/or brightener.  All of this prep work is performed prior to applying a teak oil or clear varnish to the surface.

Engine Compartment:  We perform all cleaning and degreasing work in the engine compartments by hand to prevent any damage to the equipment.

If you would like more information regarding the services we provide and surfaces we can maintain on boats for our customers, please visit our website.  We have a Boat Detailing Checklist that you can download to review all of the services we offer. If you have any questions, please contact us at (440) 937-4457 or by email at