The sun is shining, no chance of rain, perfect weather for… replacing caulk and mortar in and around your buildings.

Hairline cracks and gaping holes may not only be an eyesore, they can become the seed of destruction if left in disrepair.

Costly maintenance repairs will ensue if these gaps are not addressed because water damage can occur on both the interior and exterior of your property.

masonery cfrackWood window sills and frames, wood door moldings and framework can start to rot if water persistently is making contact.  Stone, concrete and brick work may start to break down, not only because of factors like age, movement, etc., but also from moisture leeching into those gaps, cracks and holes.

Not only does exterior caulking preserve the structure’s building materials,
it also closes gaps and voids making your building more weather and draft resistant.  Interior caulking seals against drafts along exterior walls and at intersections and prevents water intrusion at plumbing fixtures.  It also has aesthetic purposes.  A thin bead of caulk can hide unsightly gaps and make joints easier to keep clean.

fill with mortarTake action now and fill ’em up!