There’s no better feeling than cruising down the road on your motorcycle with the wind at your back in the warm summer air. With June almost here, it is very likely that you have already taken your bike out of winter storage and are already prepping it for motorcycle season. While it is easy to focus on fun in the sun, it is always a good idea to keep safety as your top priority. To make the best of your time on the roads, here are some motorcycle safety tips you should keep in mind this summer.

Perform Regular Maintenance Checks

One of the best ways to remain safe on the road is for your bike to always be in proper working order. To keep your motorcycle in top shape, perform regular maintenance checks before riding. Pay close attentions to fluids such as gear oil, shaft drive oil, coolant, hydraulic fluid and battery fluid and change them when necessary. Regularly monitor your battery, air pressure, tire treat and brakes. Don’t forget to bring in your bike for a tune up at least once a year.

Renew Your Insurance

It may go without saying that you should never ride without proper insurance. If your bike has been in storage, it is possible that your insurance has have lapsed. Call your insurance company to reinstate your insurance so you will be covered in case of an accident while riding this summer.

Wear Safety Gear

When riding in 80-90 degree weather, it can be tempting to wear less gear when on the road. Unfortunately safety gear is just as important in summer as it is in the spring and fall. Luckily there are many options designed specifically for warmer months including helmets, footwear, gloves and eye gear.

Stay Hydrated

When on long rides this summer, the heat can definitely get to some of us. When in the heat for an extended period, it is always smart to keep a supply of water on hand. While a motorcycle does not usually have the luxury of a cup holder, it is possible to wear a hydro pack. Another option is to keep a supply of water bottles in your tail/saddle bag.

Check the Weather

Unfortunately summer does not mean beautiful weather 100% of the time. Poor weather conditions can make for a dangerous ride. Monitor the hourly forecast and avoid riding if there is a chance of rain. After all, nobody wants to get stuck in the rain.

Be Respectful

One of the largest causes for motorcycle accidents is reckless driving. Always be respectful of traffic around you when on the road. Obey the laws and never weave in and out of traffic. While it may be fun to test your skills, it’s usually not a good idea to do this in traffic. If you are a daredevil that wants to test the limits of what their bike can do, visit an off-road course where you can do so in a controlled-environment.

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