GK’s Custom Polishing, Inc. is currently looking to hire a Detailing Manager. This position involves both managing the Detailing Division and the daily detailing of automobiles, RV’s, motorcycles and boats.

Required: 1+ years’ experience in a Detailing Shop

JOB DESCRIPTION (Detailing Manager)
Along with your current responsibilities as a Detailer, the below will be added to your list as a Detailing Manager:
You will choose the easiest vehicle for the day, for yourself. This will allow you time throughout the day to check on the other detailers and will provide you with extra time to perform the managerial tasks associated with this position.
Each morning do a walk around reviewing each of the vehicles scheduled for that day. Meet with the President to discuss any problems, body work, dent/ding removal, etc. . . that may need to be addressed.
Keep detailing staff on track and time efficient. Notify President if there are any problems that you are not able to handle.
Inspect all detailed vehicles for the day and address any corrections with the employee that detailed that vehicle.
Set pick up times for customers to come and get vehicles, forward those times to the front office, and have vehicles pulled out front and ready to be picked up on time.
Each afternoon by 3:00pm, set the detailer’s times for the following day on a printed schedule.
Run Working Interviews and report back to President
Notify the President of any detailing products that need to be ordered.
There will also be times of the year that you will need to work alongside the Storage/Transport Manager in regards to coordination of vehicles being detailed for storage pickups, etc…
Prepare Detailing Shop for the day and close up shop at the end of the day.
If you have any questions, concerns, comments, etc. . ., please bring them to the attention of the President immediately.

Hours: 6:30am — 5:00/6:30pm, Monday through Friday.
Saturdays to be worked during storage season (hours are to be 7:00am — 12 Noon/2:00pm)
A 1-hour unpaid break is given each day for lunch.
Hours per week range between 40 and 55.

$12.75 an hour
Pay raise to $13.00 an hour at the six month mark.
Thereafter, pay raises are awarded based on the following:
Being on time to work
Quality of work
Productivity and efficiency of work
Going above the call of duty to get things done and taken care of
Travel time on the road is paid at $6.00 an hour.
There is to be NO discussion of any information.

All work performed at GK’s Custom Polishing, Inc. is paid at the above hourly rates. Overtime pay is paid at 1.5 times your average hourly rate.

MEDICAL AND DENTAL PROGRAM — available after 90 day Probationary Period.

HOLIDAY PAY — available after 90 day Probationary Period.

To apply, fill out our application either online or in our office. You can drop your application off any time during our normal office hours or send it via email.