The cold weather can be hard on many of us in Cleveland. With Summer coming to a close and Winter fast approaching, it is time to start preparing your property for the cold. Proper winterization procedures can help properly protect your home, vehicles and boats.

Winterizing Your Home

  • Remove loose debris from your roof such as branches or loose shingles.
  • Insulate your pipes with a pipe wrap to keep them from bursting in extremely cold temperatures.
  • Insulate your windows to prevent heat from escaping. Try Duck® brand’s Roll-On™ Window Kits.
  • Make sure any concrete or natural stone surfaces outside are properly sealed before winter hits.
  • Regularly clean rock salt used in your driveway with a low pH stone cleaner to prevent pitting and erosion.
  • Bring any teak furniture inside to prevent swelling due to the freeze/thaw cycle.
  • Any teak that cannot be removed should be properly sealed.

Winterizing Your Automobile/RV/Motorcycle

  • Check and replace fluids in your car such as oil and coolant.
  • Use a pressure gauge to check your tire pressure. Keep in mind that air contracts in cold weather.
  • Detail your vehicle so it will be clean and ready to use in the Spring.
  • Use a cover when in storage to prevent dust and other particulates from damaging your paint.
  • Use a battery tender to prevent loss of charge during storage.
  • Use cushions under your tires (or a motorcycle stand for motorcycles) to prevent flat spotting.
  • Store your car/RV/motorcycle in a climate-controlled facility.
  • Properly wax your motorized item to further protect the paint.

Winterizing Your Boat/Jet Ski

  • Thoroughly clean your boat/jet ski inside and out so it is ready to use in the Spring/Summer.
  • Wax any fiberglass on your watercraft to properly protect it from the cold.
  • Add gas stabilizer to your gas tank to prevent the carburetors from clogging.
  • Fill your fuel tank before storage to prevent starting problems in the Spring.
  • Change your oil to prevent engine problems before relaunching.
  • Use a boat cover to protect your deck and topside.
  • Tender your battery to prevent loss of charge.
  • Store in climate controlled facility to prevent winter damage.

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