A popular material used in automotive detailing is clay bar. You may have heard of clay bar but may not know exactly what it can do for your car. In short, clay bar helps remove contaminants that a simple wash cannot. Clay bar can help remove particulates like brake/rail dust, industrial pollution and overspray from your clear coat.

Detailing clay is a natural or synthetic resin very similar to what you may have played with as a child. The main difference is that it is specifically engineered to remove foreign particles from your paint. The clay is non-abrasive and helps to remove particulates sticking out of your paint without scratching or chipping it. When your car is clayed, the surface should be wet with clay lubricant to keep any debris from scratching your clear coat. Autogeek has a great video about how clay bar is used during an auto detail.

There are two types of clay bar that are used: medium grade and fine grade. Medium grade is designed for those who clean their car once or twice a year. This will remove foreign particulates along with any wax. Fine grade clay is used for those who clean their cars every month or more. Fine grade will not remove everything that medium grade will remove, but it is great for regular spot cleaning. For more information about car detailing, visit our website. Give us a call at (440) 937-4457 to schedule your next detail.