We are in the business of making cars look beautiful and one question that we are often asked by our Cleveland customers is, “Why should I get my car detailed?” In particular, we are often asked why they should go with a detail instead of a simple car wash. Unlike most car washes, our comprehensive full detail cleans every inch of your car. There are several benefits to getting your car detailed regularly that will increase both the life of your car and your level of enjoyment while driving it. Here are five tips for why you should get your car detailed regularly.

It helps to protect your paint job.

Your paint job is one of the most important parts of your car’s exterior if you want to keep it looking new. Detailing your car will help get out any light scratches or swirls in the paint. Our Carnauba wax (Grade no. 1) will protect your paint from future scratching and chipping along with keeping your car looking shiny and new. Neglecting your car can cause paint to chip and your chrome to rust and deteriorate. Since your car has a factory paint job, they can be very costly to replace. Most factory paint jobs cost between $2,000-$4,000. Most people do not have the time or desire to regularly wash and wax their car so why not let the professionals do it?

It protects you from dust, dirt and bacteria.

Like most people, you are probably “on the go” quite often. This can cause the interior of your car to get very dirty. Floors mats can get covered in mud, center consoles can get sticky from spilled drinks and windshields can get foggy from dirt. Being surrounded by constant dirt can be very unhealthy for drivers. Dust and dirt particles are often floating around inside your car and are unhealthy to breathe. Dirty windshields can also make it dangerous to drive, because you will not be able to see as easily.

Another thing you may not realize is that your car is more than likely bursting with bacteria. Researchers at Aston University found 356 germs per square centimeter on your gear shift, which is known to contain 25% more germs than any other spot in your car. Without properly cleaning your interior, your car can become a very unhealthy place.

It increases your car’s resale value.

While you may not be considering selling your car at this present time, keeping up with your detailing will help to increase its resale value. As we previous stated above, an exterior detail helps to protect your paint job and will keep your car looking new. A properly maintained car is far more likely to stand out and will get you the highest possible trade-in or re-sale value. We offer a specialized “Sell Your Car” package that can help you get more out of your used automobile.

It improves fuel economy.

Something you may not have known us that the cleaner a car, the less wind resistant it is. This of course will increase its level of fuel efficiency. An engineer named Tom Wagner Jr. reported in 2002 in an article on money-saving tips that fuel efficiency increased after he gave his car a good wash. Television show, Myth Busters also calculated that a dirty car will cut down on fuel economy by 10%. Still not happy with gas prices? It may be time to get your car detailed!

It can eliminate the need for costly repairs.

Neglecting your car can cause costly repairs down the line. As we have already said, a new paint job costs several thousand dollars. Interior details can also prevent the need to get your interior reupholstered, which is very costly. Replacing chrome or other specific components on your car can be a very costly endeavor as well. Properly maintaining your car will decrease the amount of cash you will have to put into it down the line. Our friends at No Car No Fun have a great article about cars that will easily last you over 200,000 miles with proper care.

Ideally you want to get a full detail on your car 1-2 times per year. Since our details are so in-depth, this will save you money compared to other detail shops where you would get a detail 2-4 times a year. Visit our website for more information about what is included in our detailing package. We offer free estimates so feel free to bring your car by and have it looked it by one of our specialists. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and even offer free loaner vehicles with every detail. Call us at (440) 937-4457 to set up an appointment.