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More likely than not, you care about your car a lot. Even if it’s not a collector’s vehicle, it still is important to your everyday life. This is why you should not entrust your car to just any detailing company. You need to make sure they are reputable and trustworthy, so your vehicle can get the best care possible. Unfortunately, there are so many auto detailers and car washes in the Cleveland area that it is hard to find which one is the best for you and your car. Below are some qualities you should look for when trying to find a good auto detailer.


A company’s reputation says a lot about a company. One way to find out the reputation of a company are to check their online reviews. Websites like Google+ and Yelp are good websites to see what people are saying about them online. Along with reviews, you can also check when their customers are saying about them on their social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter.

Along with checking a company’s online reputation, ask for recommendations from your friends or family. It is more than likely that they have gotten their car detailed in the past and can recommend a detailer with whom they had a great experience.


Knowing what a company stands for can be a good way to help you decide how an experience with them will be. Before choosing a company, visit their website and read their mission statement. This will help you gauge whether or not they are a company that puts their customers first. See if they have a satisfaction guarantee to ensure that their customers will be happy. When a detailer is proud of their history and their work, their website will likely reflect this.

Their Work

When a detailing company does great work, your vehicle will look as close to showroom new as possible! If a company posts lots of photos and videos on their website or social accounts, it will give you a good idea of what to expect when they detail your vehicle. See if they have a company video or other media that shows off their facility and their methods. Never pay for a detailer who does not spend at least six hours on your car. If they do not put in the necessary time to get your car perfect, they are not worth your money!

There are NO shortcuts in the world of auto detailing.  Each stage of cleaning, polishing and protecting takes time.  A normal sized vehicle that is in average condition takes 6-8 hours to complete a FULL detail.  The most common area a detail company may skip to decrease the time, quality and price of an auto detail is the machine buffing of the painted surfaces.  This takes at least a couple of hours out of the detailing process, but it the MOST important for the painted surfaces on your vehicle.  This stage removes scratches and swirl marks.  It also restores the luster and depth to your clear coat.

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