Winters in Northeastern Ohio can be harsh to say the least. While we are hoping for a mild winter this year, it is never too early to start prepping for the snow. Winter weather can often be a hassle for drivers and having a few essential items in your car will help to mitigate seasonal frustration. Here is a list of a few essential items that you will want to keep in your car this winter.

Deicer and a Snowbrush

We have all had those mornings after a heavy snowfall where we wake up and find a large mound of snow and ice covering your car. Since nobody wants to brush off snow with their bare hands, it’s better to make sure you have a snow brush on hand before the snow starts. It is actually a good idea to have two snow brushes so you can keep one inside your car and one inside your home. This way, you will not get snow inside your car when you try to open the door of your snow covered car. Nobody wants to sit on wet snow!

Don’t forget about that pesky ice though! Sometimes a simple snowbrush with a scraper is not enough. If ice is really stuck to your windows, deicer usually can do the trick. Keeping a bottle of deicing spray in your car usually will do the trick when you are trying to get your windows clear. If you are still having trouble and your scraper isn’t doing the job, using a plastic card such as a credit card can be a surprisingly useful tool to get under the ice. And remember, never use your scraper on your paint. This can badly damage your clear coat. Scrapers are made for windows only!

A Snow Shovel

Nobody likes being stuck in the snow. Sometimes we over estimate how much snow our car can drive through. This is why it is a good idea to keep a snow shovel in your trunk. If you happen to get stuck in a snow bank, having a shovel on hand is an extremely useful tool for getting your car back on the road.

Road Salt/Kitty Litter/Sand

Need a little extra bit of traction under your tires? Keeping a little bit of road salt in your trunk can do the trick. Kitty litter or sand can help as well. Not only does this help in the event that you get stuck in the event of getting stuck but it also can help you add a little traction to your icy driveway in the morning.

A Car Charger

In dangerous conditions, it is important to have a line of communication in case of an emergency. Whether it’s to call AAA or 911, having a cell phone with charge is always important. If you are forgetful about charging your phone, keeping a car charger in your glove compartment can actually save your life. It also doesn’t hurt to keep a first aid kit in your trunk in case of injury.

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