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When managing a commercial facility, keeping your public restrooms clean can be a big challenge. Even with a regular cleaning schedule, your bathroom floors can become filthy and hard to maintain over time. This is why professional cleaning and sealing is one of the best ways to keep your bathrooms clean for your customers. There are several different options available for professional cleaning and sealing that offer varying levels of protection. Below we will detail some of the different options along with a few of the benefits of each.

Professional Cleaning

While professional cleaning alone does not offer the protection of sealing, it will clean 75-90% of the dirt from your tile and grout floors. We use a pressurized cleaning system along with various chemicals to extract dirt from your tile & grout. Not only will this give your floors a better appearance but they will also be healthier for your customers.

Epoxy Color Seal

Since cement-based grout is a porous material, it can easily collect dirt and grime that has built up over the years. With debris so deeply imbedded, it can often be difficult for even a deep cleaning to return your grout to its original color. When a deep cleaning isn’t enough to properly clean your stained grout or if you just want added protection to your grout lines, we can use what is called an Epoxy Color Seal. The epoxy is a non-porous material, so it will prevent dirt and liquids from penetrating into the grout in the future. We offer this in 48 different colors, so we can match the grout’s original color or try a new color to give your floors a refreshing change. An Epoxy Color Seal will make the grout lines look 100% perfect. Visit our website to see our list of available grout colors.

Urethane Clear Coat

While an Epoxy Color Seal protects your grout, it does not last forever in a high traffic area like a public restroom. Applying a two-part Urethane Clear Coat to your restroom floors will lock in the epoxy on the grout lines and will also protect the tile as well. The floors will be MUCH easier to clean and will provide your customers with a very cleanly environment.

Along with offering commercial and residential hard surface maintenance, GK’s Custom Polishing, Inc. is also a master distributor of DuPont StoneTech cleaners and sealers. Does your company need help maintaining natural stone, concrete, tile grout or other types of hard surfaces for your facility? We service customers in all of Ohio including Cleveland, Akron, Columbus and beyond. Give us a call at (440) 937-4457 and we can work out a maintenance schedule that works best for your company.